Founded in 2002 by experienced industry executives, Proreo Pharma is a privately owned specialty pharmaceutical company based in Switzerland.

"We focus on the acquisition, development and commercialisation of innovative medicines for the prevention, diagnosis and treatment of rare and specialty care diseases."


In Switzerland and Germany, Proreo Pharma uses its own commercial infrastructure to market its products. Further presence and reach is achieved via a network of distribution partners.

Latin America

Proreo Pharma has set-up Orphan Pharma Latin America S.A. based in Uruguay to provide access to effective medicines to Latin American patients with rare medical conditions.


In case of emergencies or urgent product complaints you can reach us during the weekend and public holidays at:
+41 61 927 8778.


+ Switzerland

Proreo Pharma Innovation AG
Weierweg 7
CH-4410 Liestal

P: +41 61 927 8777
F: +41 61 927 8775
M: info(at)

+ Germany

Proreo Pharma GmbH
Am Geist 16
D-40885 Ratingen

P: +49 2102 1016790
F: +49 2102 1016791

+ Latin America

Orphan Pharma Latin America S.A.
Rincón 468, Piso 4
CP 11000 Montevideo

P: +41 61 333 1475
M: info(at)